Thermography is a technique that allows temperature measurement at a distance without the need for physical contact with the object to be studied.

The use of thermal cameras in drones offers enormous versatility in that it allows access to difficult places and also, guarantees an exceptional view from the air plane.

At RecDron we will evaluate the performance of our drones cameras in order to obtain optimum results and even the need for our technicians to support the inspection with images from the ground so that we can reach conclusions in cases that otherwise would not be possible to obtain.
The information obtained will be processed by the RecDron team and analyzed by certified technicians up to Level 3 (the highest possible qualification), according to the needs and characteristics of the project.

The applications to which RecDron can deal are: Inspection of Solar Panels, Search and Rescue, Industrial Inspection, Agriculture, Fire Extinction, Surveillance, Wind Turbines, Wildlife Censuses, Building in height, High voltage towers among others.