We cover any technical application from the air.

The revolution of the aeronautical world with the appearance of the drones has unleashed a multitude of applications of civil use that until today, we are not even able to cover. New applications arise, unthinkable until just a few years ago, aerial surveillance, infrastructure supervision, 3D surveying, fumigation in agriculture, aerial recordings almost mandatory for all types of events etc ...

This is the time to bet on this emerging sector, a sure bet for a future full of possibilities.

  • Commercial Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Other apps

Aerial recording of sports and cultural events, Aerial surveillance recording, Video clips and advertising spots, Monitoring and evolution of constructions and infrastructures, Reportage and documentaries, Railway and catenary overhaul, Cinema and television, Nuclear power stations, dams and channels, Industrial installations, Aerial recording of monuments, Electric power grids, Real estate, Solar and wind energy, Shopping centers, Archaeological sites and Historic Artistic Heritage, Hotels and Restaurants, Surveillance of natural spaces and protected species.

  • Complementary services

Recdron, besides being able to offer from an audiovisual support for the promotion of publieportajes or of any event, has complementary services for the diffusion in real time in what is called technology Streaming.
We can record and take work to all parts of the world at the same instant.

Recdron also has a face to the diffusion of the brand of any company, the possibility to realize the corporate brand of the Logo in 3D.

Recdron, as specialists in field work, puts at its disposal the direct contracting of Expert Reports, made by professionals of each sector (topography, thermography and agriculture).